Interview on Spectrum News

Hey Guys -

I recently did a superfun interview with Spectrum News about everything going on with MasterChef Jr.

There’s a full video and article here — check it out.

Here’s a little excerpt from the article:

Che Spiotta is one of the final six contestants on season seven of "Masterchef Junior." 

"I got into cooking when I was really young, like three or four. Mainly because I'm gluten free. There's a lot of foods I couldn't eat," Che said.

The Boiceville native had his first audition for the show back in November 2017.

"And then we got called back and we went for more and more and more interviews and tryouts, until they finally said we were going out to L.A. to be in the show," Che said.

The whole season was filmed last year but only started airing in March. 

"I think I've just gotten a lot more experience being in the kitchen and being with that stress. It really changed the way I cook forever, it's made me such a better cook," Che said.

See the entire video and article here.

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