Hi My Name Is Che

Thanks for finding my site!

I love to cook! I love to cook all types of food- from my classic risotto to my Dad’s sauce to my eggnog crème brûlée .

When I am not cooking, I get a kick out of soccer and being outside camping and playing in the river with my 2 brothers.


The Stats…

Name: Che Theo Spiotta

Birthday: March 30, 2006

Age: 12 years old

Location: Upstate NY

Family: 1 mom, 2 brothers


Some Cool Facts About Me…

Dogs or Cats – I love my cat, Perry. He is 8 years old and very loveable.

Soccer or Baseball – Soccer! I play on three teams (Go OU!)

Scrambled or Fried – Fried! Crispy edges, velvety yolk.

Freshwater or Saltwater – Freshwater for playing (I love my river), saltwater for all the delicious fish – grilled mahi mahi!

Sparkling or Still – Sparkling.

Pancakes or Waffles – Gluten free pancakes with local maple syrup (our liquid gold!)

Chocolate or Vanilla – Vanilla

Hamburgers or Hot Dogs – Burgers! I love to grill them on a sunny day.

Ketchup or Mustard – Ketchup

Night Owl or Early Bird – Night Owl… love staying up late and sleeping waaay in!