My most sincere gratitude to the following people for their help:

Crissy & Nigel Barker and family

Todd Koelmel

Marybeth & Devin Mills and Peekamoose Restaurant

Grandma Baa Beaugard

Grammie and Poppa Spiotta

Grandma Toni Spiotta

Christine and Scott Healy 

Joy Spiotta and family

Marc Spiotta and family 

Jenniferjane Cortes and family

Steve and Iris Koester

Denise Warren - ICL Customs

Janna Wade

Robert Weston

Roberto Calasanz

Chef Karan Fischer and

Robin Chess - Cooking with Robin

All my friends in school and on the soccer fields

My brothers Jakson and Cosimo 

And my dad, Jason, who taught me to cook and continues to inspire and be with me every time I cook. 

I could not have done any of this without my unbelievably amazing mom, Elizabethanne Spiotta. Love you mom!

This list continues to grow!!